I am what is referred to as a “Triple Boarder.” It is a distinction that I am very proud of, and refers to having been trained in the three disciplines of Pediatrics, Adult Psychiatry, and Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. I suppose the goal was to be as complete a physician as I could be; to be as competent medically, as well as psychiatrically.

An additional fellowship in Forensic Psychiatry provided further specialization in the areas where the distinct worlds of mental health and the law converged. In all these disciplines, I developed a particular interest in understanding and treating the psychological impacts of both chronic medical problems and childhood trauma.

From emergency psychiatry to correctional psychiatry, from administrative medicine to Consultation Liaison work, I have enjoyed and learned from every opportunity that has come my way. Over the past 6 years, I have served as the Director of Outpatient Services at Heritage Oaks Hospital. In addition to treating thousands of patients, from teens to senior adults, I oversaw the successful growth and development of our programs, from one major site, to the addition of two satellite programs in the greater Sacramento area.

For the next challenge of my career,  I have decided to start a private practice. There is much to learn, but I am hoping to bring together all my experiences to develop a successful practice, where I can invest more of my time and energy to helping my patients in longer-term care. I know I am ready for this, and I welcome the opportunity to work with you. There is much information on this website, so please take your time. If and when you are ready to move forward, please fill out a consultation request in the Contact section.

To learn more about me, you may find my CV here.

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